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Nato Eristavi
Year of birth1972Share

Eristavi Nato

Nato Eristavi is a ceramist. Graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Art (1989-1994); invited lecturer at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (2006-2013); head of the children’s ceramic sculpture and painting workshop (1999-2015); co-founder of the Georgian Foundation for Ceramic Arts and Crafts “Clay Office” (2007); Founder of the creative workshop of Georgian porcelain “White Studio” (2013); founder of the first center of Georgian ceramics and the gallery “Workshop” (2014).
Since the 2000s, she has participated in both local and international exhibitions, symposiums, and conferences. She also works as a curator and organizer of ceramics festivals.
Ceramic sculpture is the tool that Nato Eristavi chose to bring his artistic vision. The clay is strong and sensitive. It feels the emotions and character of the artist. Clay combines the four strongest natural forces that Nato Eristavi absorbs in the process of work and turns the resulting energy into a real and tangible matterial, a work of art.

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