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Japaridze Ucha

Ucha Japaridze is one of the important figures in the development of Georgian fine art of the 20th century. His diverse and productive heritage always responded to all the important events of the life of that time. Ucha Japaridze’s works are distinguished both by the variety of fields (everyday life, portrait, monumental wall painting, book illustrations) and by the use of various technical means in his works. The entire series was dedicated to the creation of portraits of prominent persons of the historical past of the Georgian people. An important place in the artist’s heritage is the monumental painting of the wall (two compositions) of the “Imel” conference hall (3mX8m). Ucha Japaridze has created important graphic works, in particular the illustrations of “Tiger Skinner” and “Kako the Bandit”. Ucha Japaridze’s works are preserved and exhibited in many museums and private collections abroad and in Georgia (Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Georgia).

Ucha Japaridze
Date of Birth/Death1906-1988Share