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Khmaladze David (Devi)

David (Devi) Khmaladze was born in Tbilisi into a family of artists, which influenced his passion for art from an early age. He began his formal education at the Tbilisi Iakob Nikoladze Art College and continued his studies in 1985 at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

During his student years, Khmaladze participated in an exchange programme that led him to the Prague Art Academy. Subsequently, he moved to Belgium and began working with the Belgian sculptor Johannes Gert. In the historic quarter of Antwerp, he established his own workshop gallery called Atelier Devka, which serves as the artistic space for joint art exhibitions as well as workshops and different cultural events.

Devi Khmaladze is a sculptor known for his experimental approach combined with a deep understanding of sculptural tradition. His work is characterised by exceptional craftsmanship and a unique sense of warmth. He fearlessly embraces challenges and experimentation, viewing sculpting as a continuous journey of discovery and exploration of limitless possibilities. Devi primarily employs mixed techniques and explores new materials, providing a broader range of artistic expression.

He has been exhibiting his works at numerous international art contests, art fairs, and modern art exhibitions.

In addition to his role as a sculptor, he has mastered the art of artistic restoration and currently practises as a sculptor-restorer. He is frequently invited to participate in the restoration of Belgium’s most significant monuments. He collaborates with the renowned Belgian company Monument-Altri Tempi.

His contributions to Georgia are significant. He created the monuments Prometheus (2007) in Borjomi and Medea with the Golden Fleece (2007) in Batumi. Additionally, he has established long-lasting partnerships with galleries in Belgium and the Netherlands and participated in numerous international art competitions, contemporary art fairs, and exhibitions.

Devi Khmaladze’s works are kept in the Ton Schulten Museum  in the Netherlands and are also part of private collections throughout Europe.

David (Devi) Khmaladze
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