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Levan Urushadze
Birth Date1960Share

Urushadze Levan

Levan Urushadze after graduating from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1990, he started his exhibition activity in Georgia and abroad in the United States (New York) and various European cities (Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon, Monaco, Amsterdam, Rome, Moscow). He participated in numerous exhibitions; among them were: a group exhibition in Vienna, Austria, 1990; at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, 1991; an exhibition in “Sovincentr”, Moscow, Russia, 1992; an exhibition in “Three Subjects “Gallery” 25 frames”, Moscow, Russia, 2009; a solo exhibition at the Gallery “Colorida”, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010; Exhibition at the 13th International Art Market “Art Zurich”, Zürich, Switzerland, 2011; Exhibition “Zurich Art Fair” Zurich, Switzerland, 2012; Exhibition “Art Monaco”, Monte Carlo, Kingdom of Monaco, 2012; Exhibition “Reflection” at the artist’s house, Moscow, Russia, 2013. One extract from a letter about Levan Urushadze’s work, written by J. Sanders Eaton and published in the November issue of the New York-based magazine Gallery & Studio: “Levan Urushadze’s means of expression, as well as all his consistent works, bear a unique seal of his sensitivity, which overlaps his eclecticism and is strongly revealed in each line of the canvas…”

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