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Chagelishvili Gogi

Gogi Chagelishvili was born in 1944 in Tbilisi. After graduation of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (1971) he actively works in different forms of Art: painting and drawing, creates abstract works, collages, objects, installations…he is also an author of several literature projects.

Chagela – he was established under this name… Like all outstanding artists, he is at the same time a representative of his generation of painters and an independent artist. Chagela’s works are accompanied by the charm of the “Secret of Art”. The world experienced by the artist is transformed into generalized icons in his works, which are created in different art forms, genres or various mixed media. The quality of the generalization is various, the form of artistic transformation…as a rule the live expression is very alive.

Gogi Chagelishvili has his own style and a well-established place in the Georgian art space. From the 1970s to the present, the artist has had numerous solo exhibitions in Tbilisi and other cities – Moscow, Ankara, Nimes, Düsseldorf, Montreal, Christchurch and New York.

Gogi Chagelishvili
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