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Koka Tskhvediani
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Tskhvediani Koka

Koka Tskhvediani, In 1975-1980 he studied at Tbilisi State University. Works in various media. Since 1990 he has participated in various exhibitions in Georgia and abroad, including: “Cartesian Thoughts and Intuition” (Moscow International Art Market, Gallery “Kashirka”, Moscow, Russia. 1996), “GEM ATB” (Gallery “Tbilisi”, Yapi Credi Square, Istanbul, Turkey.2005), Exhibition of Contemporary Georgian Art (Saarland Radio, Saarbrücken, Germany. 2008), “DEVA HOLDING” (“Art Gallery”, Istanbul, Turkey. 2008), International Forum of Contemporary Art. Artisterium IV (Tbilisi. 2011), “Color Writing” (Center for Contemporary Art, Tbilisi. 2012), “ATB-Tbilisi” (Haas Consulting Office, Altnau, Switzerland. 2012). “Koka Tskhvediani’s aesthetic position is determined by the creative process. This is a state of admiration for the medium and the properties of color. Koka Tskhvediani uses any historically defined way and style of painting as a means of depicting his own stories, revealing his interpretations of artistic structures. With oil or acryilic paints he works on various surfaces – canvas, wood or cardboard. His interest is focused on the medium, which gathers information about color, texture and material. Therefore, he does not obey the medium, does not limit it to different, premeditated structures and forms. On the contrary, all the components are identified according to the capabilities of the medium itself.”- Ilia Zautashvili wrote about Tskhvediani’s art.

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