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Vashakidze Givi

Givi Vashakidze is a Georgian painter, and a representative of the so-called Generation of 1960s.

After graduating from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, he has participated in personal and group shows both locally and internationally (Moscow, Munich, Berlin, Tyrol, Baku, and Riga).  Due to his distinct individual style, his works have always attracted the viewer’s interest, earning him high praise from the local and international press.

Givi Vashakidze’s creative legacy includes paintings and graphic works – various pencil, ink, pen, watercolor, and gouache drawings and sketches. The artist’s symbolic, esoteric thinking, and vivid and effective colors enable his compositions, portraits, still-lives, animal images, and landscapes to fascinate the viewer. During the Tbilisi fratricidal war,

the artist moved from Tbilisi for the village of  Didi Jikhaisi, where he maintained his active creative work. He began working on illustrations for “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin,” and by the time he died in 2017, he had completed 122 works. “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin,” illustrated by Givi Vashakidze was published by the publishing house “Palitra-L” in 2021.

These illustrations are unlike any other illustrations previously done by other artists since they demonstrate the variety of comprehending the essence of the poem.

Givi Vashakidze
Date of Birth1937Date of Death2017Share