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Nugzar Medzmariashvili
Year of birth1945Share

Medzmariashvili Nugzar

Nugzar Medzmariashvili, the Honored Artist of Georgia (1982) works in easel painting and graphics and has created works of monumental-decorative art and enamel. He uses techniques of etching and lithography and is obsessed with
computer graphics. He has been a member of the Union of Georgian Artists since 1971. He participated in exhibitions (1976,
1981) and symposiums (1961, 1963) organized in Georgia and abroad and had a solo exhibition (2016). 2000s, the artist
has been actively using modern technologies in drawing arts. He started to learn and use computer graphics capabilities
independently and has amazing results. His “canvases” of graphics often represent the surreal world: stories, figures are
“emerging” from the historical past, footage of old Tbilisi Asomtavruli and Nuskha-Khutsuri script come to life, and the world
before us is full of mysteries; deeply reaching Biblical stories and thought-provoking, symbolic works; nude art and portraits,
animal figures, abstract-cubist drawings, collages, figures with nuances of national costume, reflections of antique art, Christian themed motifs. The use of colour is restrained, and the images with faded tonal combinations are often two-dimensional and decorative, but sometimes voluminous, and outstanding with abundant forms. The artist achieves all this with excellent professional mastery. Nugzar Medzmariashvili’s videos are extremely important – virtual catalogues.

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