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Manjavidze Gela

Gela Manjavidze (b.1958) belongs to the generation of Georgian artists of the ‘80s. He graduated from Tbilisi State Art Academy in 1980. “The life of an artist is colorful, like a spectrum of colors spanning from red to purple”, the artist claims. Artists of Gela Manjavidze’s generation have written a new chapter in history of Georgian painting. Georgian artists were shown to the West
as a world with a unique history and creative potential once the “Iron Curtain” was open. Gela Manjavidze has become one of the Western curators’ favorite artists. Parallel to Georgian exhibition spaces, the artist’s creative activity expanded beyond Georgian borders. The artist’s works were shown in Paris, Luxembourg, Seattle, Chicago, and Takoma in 1990; in Turin, in 1993; Bonn and Kuwait in 1994, etc. Over time, Gela Manjavidze evolves his artistic style and color palette. His creative credo – the language of painting with its variety of the imagery expressions – remains unchanged.

Gela Manjavidze
Date of Birth1958Share