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Topuria Kako

Kako Topuria is an art historian, with knowledge of traditional Georgian monumental painting, sculpture, embossing, enamel, and ceramics. Based on Georgian emotional realism and a subjective approach to reality, the demonstration of Kako’s pictorial culture is revealed in an individual, exquisite style and involves primitivism, “infantilism”, and humour in a literary subtext. He creates two-dimensional compositions where statics dominates and only the various, vivid sensations that exist outside of hierarchy are equal. The rest is an optical illusion. A calm, neutral background has a form and localization that is transformed into colorful portraits and figurative compositions. The artist lived a long time in France. “Almost all of Kako Topuria’s works are adorned with the author’s signature, in Georgian letters – “Kako”, like “Jewels”, as a kind of writing system, etymological message of a foreigner, and information from historical memory. At a certain cultural distance, “Kako” is perceived as an ornament, and with all of its possible interpretations, it tempts the viewer’s imagination about the cultural world of a small country  from the Black Sea.” (Alexandra Gabunia. Gallery LISETTE ALBERT. Paris. 2008)

Kako Topuria
Date of Birth1960Share