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Abkhazi Zura

After graduating from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in 1996, Zura Abkhazi (Abkhazishvili) worked as a teacher in the Uplistsikhe village for several years . He is a member of the Georgian – German Community.
The brutality of German Neo-Expressionist painting, as well as the large scale formats and emphasis on texture, had a big influence on his work. However, the artist was able to develop them into the original diversity in his large-scale series, where individual vision is revealed.
Zura Abkhazi’s Art Studio is surrounded by archaic monuments and beautiful landscapes of Uplistsikhe. The motives that comprise the language of his works can be identified here. The series, which was inspired by black and white space pictures/photographs, is as mysterious as space itself. His artistic task is difficult to convey verbally. He does not attempt to theoretically define his search. For Zura Abkhazi, work is generally associated with existence, with life. He creates multi-layered and completely different textures as a result of constant experimentation on canvases or other surfaces. So to speak, each of his new works tells a distinct story created in an experimental laboratory, where the extraction of pigments from soot can result in a slew of strange impurities and, finally, an image in which “a lot of things happen inside.”

Zura Abkhazi
Date of Birth1968Share