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Parjiani Irakli

Irakli Parjiani was born in Mestia, Svaneti. In 1974 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. The artistic aesthetics and style of Irakli Parjiani provide an interesting example of the connection between individuality and tradition in art. The central theme of his oeuvre is the Gospel. Regardless of theme or genre variation, each of Irakli Farjiani’s paintings is a major artistic icon. Perhaps this is why the artist intuitively expands the scope of a single genre, such as by putting still-life components into a landscape painting. Theimmutable laws of Irakli Parjiani’s artistic world condition the primary elements of his painting – rich painting, the tendency to liberate from the concrete and generalize. He explores fundamental issues in fine art, such as the interaction of light and shadow, as well as space and flatness. The result is impressive because twentieth-century painting, like medieval Christian art, appeals to the transcendental and sacred.

Irakli Parjiani
Date of Birth/Death1950-1991Share