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Sutidze Irakli

Irakli Sutidze is a representative of the 80s generation of Georgian artists. The artist is distinguished by his individual style. His authentic art techniques (golden background; multi-layered textured surface; close-up images) give his monumental compositions a touch of romance. The sense of time is neglected in his works. Scenes devoid of narrative are presented as generalized images, evoking religious or mythological associations.
In 1981, Irakli Sutidze graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in easel graphics. In 1983-1986 he worked in the creative painting workshop of Art Academy; Participated in group exhibitions and projects in different countries of the world (Ca Global Future, Vienna, Austria, 1994; Caucasian Artists, House of Liberal Professions, Montpellier, France, 1999; “Touch Georgia”, German Development Bank, Cologne, Germany, 2013; Mia Casa, Tuscany, Italy, 2015; etc.); He had a number of personal exhibitions in Tbilisi. His works are preserved in museums and galleries of Georgia and abroad: Georgian National Museum and Museum of Georgian Fine Arts, Tbilisi; Gallery “Electra”, Sausalito, USA; Nicola Stronach Gallery, Fermoyle Lodge, Castello, Ireland and Gertsev Gallery, Moscow Russia. Also in private collections in Georgia and abroad: France, Belgium, Germany, Haiti, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Austria, Korea, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Japan, Republic of South Africa, Saudi Arabia.

Irakli Sutidze
Date of Birth1954Share