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Melikishvili Tamar

She was born in the family of a sculptor. In the house, which was at the same time a workshop and the environment where the constant creative process took place. Perhaps that is why, in her works, one can feel the interest in plastic rendering of forms and reflection of color, air and the space around them. In 1992, Tamar Melikishvili graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, faculty of easel painting. Since 1990, in addition to easel painting, she has also been working on book illustrations. She is engaged in teaching activities. Since 2003, she has been the curator of fine and applied art exhibitions at the “Art-Gene” festival. Exhibitions of the artist are organized both in Georgia and abroad. Every year since 2009 Tamar Melikishvili participates in international symposia in Germany, Kazakhstan. The artist’s works are preserved in Georgia, Germany, France, Italy, England.

Tamar Melikishvili
Date of Birth1967Share