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Giorgi Mirzashvili
Year of birth1961Share

Mirzashvili Giorgi

Giorgi Mirzashvili is an artist from the 1980s and 1990s who graduated from the Tbilisi Art Academy in 1984. “My primary goal when working on a painting is to achieve the unity of composition and colour. I try to make my painting’s
colour intense and its image expressive… I believe that the most important element in the painting is movement, a dynamic which is transformed into statics… The finished painting is dynamic statics, a harmony built on contrast and opposition.” says the artist. Giorgi Mirzashvili is a particularly prolific artist. The creative process is a method of emphasizing the contrasts and oppositions in the work of art’s harmonious whole. The greater the contrast, the more expressive the harmony… The eloquent language of painting evolves as well, and it appears that the desired accuracy achieved from the beginning is infinitely refined.

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