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Zautashvili Ilia

Ilia Zautashvili is a multimedia artist who has participated in numerous local and international exhibitions and art events, from New York to Seoul. He is the founder of many creative groups and institutional initiatives, as well as the author of critical essays. He is also an invited professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. The three main perspectives of Ilia Zautashvili’s oeuvre are the human dimension, metaphysical research, and constant transformation. The first is research into the reality that is related to a human being.The second is interested in reality beyond the empirical world. And the third responds to the constant change of the world. The artist experiments with multimedia possibilities while involving various contexts. For him, text, object, image, space, and sound are all essential. Zautashvili’s works attempt to enrich and extend modern aesthetics beyond empirical or emotional experience. Ilia Zautashvili says, “Art is not a slave of society”, thus trying to protect his art from superficial social clichés. Instead, he prefers the integral research of bordering territories of human activity. It means investigating reality by tracking down new ideas in the context of “art-society-personality”. It means reflecting on reality to discover new ideas and attitudes that the artist offers to society.

Ilia Zautashvili
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