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Lali Kutateladze
Year of birth1960Share

Kutateladze Lali

Lali Kutateladze, artist, ceramist. She graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy (1982). She founded the Georgian Foundation for Ceramic Arts and Crafts “Clay Cabinet” (2007).
Since the 1980s/1990s, she has been actively involved in both local and international projects and exhibitions as an artist and curator: “Fest I Nova 2017” – “Colorful relationship carpet”, Art Villa Garikula; “The object of the wall – the material is clay”, National Gallery, Tbilisi (2016); “Fest I Nova 2015” – “Wall of Fire”, Art Villa Garicula; “Island in the Exhibition Space”, Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall, Tbilisi (2014); “Procession”, lithography – “Shardeni” gallery, “Tbilisi Marriott” hotel (2010).
Lali Kutateladze was engaged in teaching at different times – at the Tbilisi Technical University, the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and the Tbilisi State University.
If we consider the art of Lali Kutateladze in dynamics, then her attitude to self-expression at different stages of life has never been unambiguous: from closeness to openness and vice versa; Spiritual state, attitude to society and, consequently, aesthetic priorities are reflected in her works; The desire to constantly search for something new is at the heart of creating something different from the vision of the artist.

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