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Gvelesiani David

David Gvelesiani, the nephew of the esteemed painter Romanoz (Roman) Gvelesiani, undertook his artistic education at The Tiflis Fine Arts Encouraging Caucasus Society’s painting and sculpture school from 1906 to 1907. Subsequently, in 1911, he successfully completed his studies at the Boy’s I gymnasium. In 1912, Gvelesiani embarked on a new academic pursuit at Moscow University, enrolling in the law faculty.

His artistic training culminated in 1929 when Gvelesiani graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. Commencing his pedagogical endeavours at the same institution in 1932, he embarked on a dedicated career in the realm of artistic education.

Gvelesiani’s debut in fine arts exhibitions transpired in 1919. His diverse body of work, spanning various mediums, is notably cantered on the historic districts of old Tbilisi. Between 1921 and the 1930s, he crafted a compelling series depicting old Tbilisi with the medium of pencil.

Among his noteworthy pictorial compositions are the Church of Anchiskhati (1920), the evocative portrayal of the Old Tbilisi-Narikala district (1930), and I. Nikoladze’s portrait (1937), which merits particular attention.

David Gvelesiani
Date of Birth1890Date of Death1949Share