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Kukhalashvili Jemal

Jemal Kukhalashvili graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1978 and began his creative career in the 1980s. His creative work is characterized by a distinct personality. He depicts everyday life in all its complexities and variety. The artist’s perception of the world is so intense and sharp that it appears to be unable to fit anywhere, even on the canvas. In Jemal Kukhalashvili’s world model, there is one “big fuss and chaos…” and it is here that the artist’s amazing talent is revealed; the amazing mastery of fine art, painting, or color composition that determines the artistic order in the works, the order that has no rules and is the result of an irrational creative process. Jemal Kukhalashvili wrote about himself and his art – “The picture is clear to me and serves no philosophical purpose. I create in response to what happens around me. I am confident that the audience will attend my session and will both appreciate and despise… I never know where my desire for establishment and survival may sweep me, like Noah’s Ark”, – Jemal Kukhalashvili writes about himself and his work.

Jemal Kukhalashvili
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