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Yakovlev Vladimir

Vladimir Yakovlev (1934-1998) – Moscow artist, one of the most talented and original representatives of the Soviet underground. At first, he was influenced by Jackson Pollock and Picasso, then he worked in the “New Figurative” style. Even in the unofficial circle of artists, his personality and work were distinguished by a particularly acute and tragic perception of the world, which was exacerbated by the artist’s schizophrenia. He worked mainly with gouache technique. Each of his works, whether landscape or still life, is a self-portrait of the artist himself. Artistic flowers, which symbolically express the tragedy and loneliness of human existence in the Soviet space, are especially outstanding. His works are kept in various museums of the world, he often participated in sales of modern art of European and American auction houses. In 2023, the Georgian National Museum purchaised his works.

Vladimir Yakovlev
Date of Birth/Death1934-1998Share