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Kobuladze Sergo

Sergo Kobuladze (1909-1978) – People’s Artist of Georgia, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, Laureate of the Shota Rustaveli Prize; graphic artist, painter, theatre designer. At the early stage of his career, Sergo Kobuladze was fascinated by theatre painting and book illustration. This passion of his was driven by a competition announced in 1934, which aimed to illustrate the publication for the 750th anniversary of Shota Rustaveli in 1937. The illustrations of “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” created by Sergo Kobuladze are still of landmark importance.

The illustrations he created for the books in the 1930s / 40s fit the classic nature of the compositions selected for it. It is an example of flawless craftsmanship and perfection. The strong hand of the artist outlines the thick shapes of the figures and creates monumental compositions.

The illustrations of the 1950s are more intimate of nature, “fit” more into the content of the book, “lives in the book”, and retain the effect of a sketch, and thus acquire a kind of directness. The latter indicates a new understanding of the book’s artistic organism/structure by the artist, as well as constant creative search and mastery.

Also, Sergo Kobuladze used to work in easel graphics and painting and create portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. In all of his works, one can sense the style of a classic artist.

In 1960, the artist created a curtain for the Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi. A fire broke out on May 9, 1973, and this extremely significant work was burned.

Sergo Kobuladze showed interest in the art of the Italian Renaissance. Towards the end of his life, he wrote a theoretical paper on the “Golden Section”, where he summarized the results of years of research.

Sergo Kobuladze
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