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Javakhishvili Temo

Temo Javakhi (b.1951) graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts’ Faculty of Design in 1976, and from Georgian Film’s acting studio in 1974. He worked at the Tbilisi State Puppet Theater until 1995. Temo Javakhi has participated in numerous exhibitions in Georgia and abroad as an artist since 1976: “Mail Art Exhibition” in Italy (1994), Portugal (1995), Turkey (1995), Saarbrücken (Germany. 1998), solo exhibition “One Man Show” (San Diego, USA, 1989), and the exhibition “East to West” (Tbilisi, 1999). He participated in international forums of visual art (“Appendix”, “Caucasus Art”, 2004). Temo Javakhi is one of the representatives of the “Generation of the 80s”, the one that developed experimental art. His artistic practices include video art, drawing, poetry, painting, and conceptual installation. The media of Temo Javakhi always combine conceptual layers with material experimentation and, thus, represent him as an observer and a critical thinker.

Temo Javakhishvili
Date of Birth1951Share