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Roinishvili Giorgi

After graduating from the Faculty of Painting of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Giorgi Roinishvili  started working in the editorial office of the magazine „Dila” (Morning) in 1947. He continued to be its artistic editor for four decades. He left us dozens of paintings and easel graphic works, book illustrations. He worked in the genres of landscape and portrait, created thematic and abstract paintings, satirical paintings, and decorated theatre plays and movies. He used different materials for his works: oil and tempera, gouache, watercolour, pencil, ink, and pen. Giorgi Roinishvili’s work is characterized by a constant search for novelty. In landscape painting, the artist uses techniques characteristic of Impressionism – his brushstroke is bold, free, and unrestricted. The views of different countries and cities can be recognized by the distinctive style of the buildings. It is typical for him to use decorative motifs as well. In addition, the colourful, flat-spotted performance and detailed work are characteristic of his paintings. He also paints ethnographic portraits. Gogi Roinishvili has always tried to remain true to his principles and even managed to avoid the ideological dogmatism that dominated in the Soviet years. As for his abstract and cubist compositions, the artist achieves monotony. In recent decades, the painting has developed a glaze tendency, and the brushstroke has become so thin that it is commonly often difficult to discern the character of the paint.

Giorgi Roinishvili was a tireless and constantly seeking artist.


Giorgi Roinishvili
Date of Birth1921Date of Death2000Share