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Nodia Dinara

Already at the beginning of her creative path, In the 1950s, Dinara Nodia introduced a new style into Georgian graphics. Her series depicting industrialization, the pathos of labor and the advancement of socialist society, were based on the principles of avant-garde cinema and the aesthetics of Alexander Rodchenko.  Due to their modernist expression, her linocuts acquired monumental qualities and were praised by the Union art critics. The series of colored linocuts – “Chiathura” and “Rustavi” were exhibited at all Union and international exhibitions in Moscow, Reykjavik, Brussels, Prague, Paris, Sao Paulo and brought the artist a name from his youth.

Dinara Nodia was one of the first Georgian graphic artists who chose linocut as the main technique and best used its poster qualities  for creative purposes.

Dinara Nodia was born in Tbilisi in 1931. She graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in 1955. While still being a student, Nodia became the artistic editor of Drosha magazine. In 1957, she joined the Union of Artists and in two years began teaching at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts;  in parallel with graphic field she was very active in cinema. “Mother’s hand” (1959), “Gia goes to Kamir” (1963), “Flight” (1964), “Griboedov’s Gift” (1965), “Wall” (1966), “Butterfly” (1977) are the Georgian films for which  she was the production designer.  Throughout her prolific artistic life, she participated in a number of group exhibitions both at local and international levels.  Her works are kept in the  Georian National Museum (Tbilisi); Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow); Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow); Kyrgyzstan Museum of Fine Arts. He received a diploma of the Vienna International Youth Festival (1959), a bronze medal of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR (ВДНХ) (1961).

Awards, bonuses and prizes: 

  • 1981 – People’s Artist of Georgia
  • 1975 – Medal of the Union of Artists of Georgia for the best work of the year
  • 1966 – Honored Artist of the Republic of Georgia
  • 1961 – Medal of the Exhibition of Achievements of Public Economy of the USSR (ВДНХ) (bronze medal)
Dinara Nodia
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