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Berishvili Yuri

The artist of the 1980s generation, Yuri Berishvili, received his education at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. His emotional expression and depiction of a metaphysically sensed world make his abstract artworks always distinguish. The artist paints with vivid, “pure” colors. His compositions are created by thousands of combinations of flat surfaces and spontaneously scattered spots. At the same time, spontaneity is produced in a well-balanced harmonious whole. Even in the smallest works, there is a sense of panorama due to the distinct format. The artworks of Yuri Berishvili are a reflection of the outside world and the present as seen through the artist’s emotional prism. However, it appears that the world and the present have been reduced to the landscape. According to the artist, “the soul strengthens the process of creative development of an art form”, and “spirituality” is equivalent to “professional honesty”.

Yuri Berishvili’s art works are kept in Norton and Nancy Dodge  Foundation (Non-conformist Art Collection)  in Zimmerli Art Museum in New Jersey (USA),  Kolodzei Art Foundation  (New Art Collection) in New Jersey (USA), Gallery Mona Liza in Paris (France),  World Bank Art Collection  in Washington (USA),  many notable private collections in Georgia, Europe and the  USA

Yuri Berishvili
Date of Birth1958Share