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Lagidze Levan

Levan Lagidze is a representative of Georgian artists of the ‘80s generation. The introduction of the term “generation of the 80s” in scientific and popular literature is connected with the name of Levan Lagidze. He graduated from Tbilisi State Art Academy in 1981. The Georgian art scene recognizes Levan Lagidze for his individual painting discourse, which harmoniously combines the rational and the metaphysical in his work. He is consistent on the creative path, with a mindful, refined way of thinking and the never-ending endeavor of discovering an eternal mystery. For him, art is a means of enlightenment. A viewer desires to be alone with his paintings… Once they realize that the feeling of mystery is the major draw of the cognition process. Since 2018, Levan Lagidze has been collaborating with the American curator Kathryn Levin, who works in the UK. His solo exhibitions are held annually in London.

Levan Lagidze
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