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Dontsova Evgeniya

Evgeniya Dontsova, an Honoured Art Worker of the Georgian SSR, was born in Rostov, Russia. During the Great Patriotic War, she was evacuated to Tbilisi. She studied theatre decoration at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art from 1942 to 1949, where her teachers were David Kakabadze and Sergo Kobuladze. She began working at the Griboyedov Russian Drama Theatre in Tbilisi in 1950. Initially working under the guidance of Irina Shtenberg, she was named the theatre’s chief artist in 1964.

Evgeniya Dontsova designed over 100 plays, including over 70 for the Griboyedov Theatre. Her graphics, watercolours, lithography, and easel compositions were distinguished by her exceptional skill. She created set designs for stage productions of Leo Tolstoy’s “The Living Corpse” (1950), Lope de Vega’s “The Dog in the Manger” (1954), Maxim Gorky’s “The Law of Eternity,” Nodar Dumbadze’s “Betrayal,” Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Sisters,” etc.

The bright, engaging, and emotionally charged nature of Evgeniya Dontsova’s set designs for the performances made them distinctive. She always held a deep fascination for building a creative world on the stage. Her sets were conceived as an inseparable fusion of humanity and the surrounding material world, transcending the boundaries of time and space. They aimed not to replicate, but rather to create a world of profound emotional impact.

She worked in various cities throughout the USSR, including Azerbaijan State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in 1973, where she created set designs for the performance of “Sayat-Nova,” and Odesa State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in 1974, for the performance of “The Queen of Spades.” Many performances designed by Evgeniya Dontsova gained great popularity and received numerous state awards throughout the former Soviet Union.

Evgeniya Dontsova
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