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Mikheil Gotsiridze
Birth/Death1901 – 1975Share

Gotsiridze Mikheil

Theater and movie artist, graphic artist, cartoonist. One of those modernists whose work has not been studied at all, although he can be considered one of the reformers of Georgian theatrical painting.

His merit is great, as he widely spread the new scenographic language in theaters of various types and purposes in different regions of Georgia.

He works in graphics, in which he often resorts to stylization and ornamentalism, which can be seen in his cubist graphics mixed with his futurism.

Gotsiridze’s scenography is characterized by intense and pure modernist irony, which is created not only due to grotesque types, but also due to the way the stage space is organized and is almost always loaded, one might say, deliberately overloaded with entourage, the deliberate inclusion of elements of social kitsch. The organization of the stage space is always metaphorical. The entourage of the play gravitates towards ironic narration with the aforementioned congestion; These two – space and entourage, combined together, create a meticulously verified content-textual space of the play.

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