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Bugadze Gia

Gia Bugadze is considered to be exceptionally personal artist. He has demonstrated an exceptional skill to work in every conceivable style and movement and fully express its essence. At different stages of his artistic life he has revealed himself as either a calm neo-romanticist, expressionist or romantic-mystics. Gia Bugadze also figures as a public artist characterized by politically addressed speeches or plays with mysterious pseudo-histories; sometimes he may appear as an intimist one, only interested in his own personal details, or addresses religious themes. Among many different features, it should be noted that Gia Bugadze perceives his painting as a whole. He does not play any simple conceptual game; he does not reject any of his approaches by claiming that he is engaged in activism, in sticking banners or in wall painting. Gia Bugadze defines the importance of creativity from an anthropological point of view: “Creativity – this is the strongest intention and endeavor of a modern man, who wants to survive both physically and spiritually, personally and nationally” and with regard to “the end of art” ,” he does not points out to the apocalyptic end, but asks the last, eternal and absolute questions concerning a human being and mankind (Khatuma Khabuliani. Magazine – Aril, # 15 (160).

Gia Bugadze
Date of Birth1956Share