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Antadze Dimitri

Dimitri Antadze (b.1963) graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1888. During the difficult times of the 1990s in Georgia, fate brought the young artist to Japan. A fortunate coincidence proved fruitful on the path to broadening professional experience. In Japan, the work of Dima Antadze took on a new life, where he had nine solo exhibitions. A fairy tale is the main theme in Dima Antadze’s artistic world. The fairy tale itself, according to the artist, is a miracle, first and primarily for its origin, comprehensiveness… and, most importantly, because it gives a person freedom of perception. “Painting gives me an unusual feeling. It’s a parallel world to real life, where the artist uses space, colour, and line to discover or express himself“- Dimitri Antadze.

Dimitri Antadze
Date of birth1963Share