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Dimitri Eristavi

Eristavi Dimitri

Dimitri Eristavi was born in Tbilisi. In 1956, he graduated from the Faculty of Graphics of the Tbilisi State Art Academy. Staging artist of “Georgian Film” film studio since 1962; 1967-1982 Professor of the Graphics Department of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He has been participating in exhibitions since 1957. He has received many awards, including: the medal for the best graphic portrait (portrait of M. Abazadze, 1963), the best graphic work of the year (for the illustrations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 1976), the medal of the biennial of the Transcaucasian Republics (1986), the 1st prize (for the best graphic work, 2005) . He is a member of the Creative Union of Georgian Cinematographers. He has been a member of the Union of Artists of Georgia since 1957. 2016 – Honorary Citizen of Tbilisi, 2006 – State Prize named after Shota Rustaveli, 1990 – State Prize of Georgia, 1985 – People’s Artist of Georgia.

Dimitri Eristavi – poster for the movie Otar Iosseliani’s Falling Leaves (Giorgobistve),1966.  Dimitri Eristavi – poster for the movie Otar Iosseliani’s Wedding,1965. 

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