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Nana Tsintsadze
Birth And Death1947-2021Share

Tsintsadze Nana

Nana Tsintsadze graduated from the Faculty of Graphics of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1971 and has been actively participating in local and international biennales and exhibitions. Her work is mainly focused on graphics. She uses etching techniques, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and mixed media. She has also created works in oil and tempera. Most of the prints made by etching are built on black-and-white effects, often with fading, tinted spots, and restrained colors. The characters are often the faces of women of different ages. The figures’ quattrocento profiles are depicted in symbolically thought-out faded tones, emphasizing the unity and indivisibility of the old and new generations. Strong striches or watercolor imbued spots are used to convey the idea. Humans are her priority! Woman or man, young or old, past or future, sometimes recognizable through reflection, just like a fading fresco. The Road, aspiration, sadness, and hope… silhouettes of certain cities; mountain village landscapes expressed with bold lines of ink and pen; and the sound of scattered music. The diversity of themes be it Bible stories or “The Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik” – and the distinctive interpretation of their portrayal. It seems that everything evokes the feeling of the hidden melancholy of human pain, a deep spiritual mood, and mystery. Nana Tsintsadze’s style is distinct and carefully thought out. Color is abundant in abstract paintings, which are created employing oil paints or mixed media.

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