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Muskhelishvili Vakhtang

Artist Vakhtang Muskhelishvili graduated from Jacob Nicoladze Art College (1974-1978) and then the painting faculty of the Tbilisi State Fine Arts Academy in 1984. He devoted four years teaching painting at the Tbilisi Children’s Art School before being appointed Art Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1990 Vakho came to the United States as an invited artist for the Goodwill Games to represent Eastern European art and since that he lives in the USA. Perhaps that is why he is not equated as an artist with the Georgian generation of the 80ies. He currently lives in the city of Seattle, Washington, and is engaged in active creative and private teaching activities. Also systematically arranges personal exhibitions. The artist periodically visits Georgia. Vakhtang Muskhelishvili’s painting is distinguished by the quality of technical execution. In his works, we find a modern interpretation of art history. His works are preserved in state and private collections (USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Georgia).

Vakhtang Muskhelishvili
Date of Birth1957Share