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Timchenko Oleg

Oleg Timchenko, a member of The 10th Floor, the avant-garde group of the late 1980s and early 1990s,  was among those painters, who  began to comprehend postmodernist art and tried to express it in their own context during the time of “Perestroika,” thoroughly  aiming for change.

The Georgian public at that time, being unfamiliar with the formats of artistic action and performance, associated even abstract art with a dissident position. Oleg Timchenko was one of the first who introduced these formats in Georgia.

Parallel to his artistic responses to contemporary issues, Oleg Timchenko’s works encompass history and literature, styles of romanticism, and symbolism. For admirers of his art, a special place is occupied by emotionally charged, somewhat isolated conditions, in which the meditative trance is transformed into a visual image demonstrating  inseparability from nature, the knowledge of its language  and a kind of limitless existence. Such is the “silence” when the of birch forest turns into music with its rhythm or a feeling of eternity while seeing a couple fully integrated with nature in “In the field of Cornflowers.”

Oleg Timchenko is an artist who along with his romantic-symbolist visions creates conceptual performances as well as decorative fairy-tales touched with subtle humor of the artist.

In the early 1990s, Niko Tsetskhladze and Oleg Timchenko conducted one of the first performances in Georgia in an open, public space, in the underground passage.

Oleg Timchenko
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