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Revaz Tarkhan-Mouravi

Tarkhan-Mouravi Revaz

Revaz Tarkhan-Mouravi was born in Tbilisi. In 1954, he graduated from the Tbilisi Art Academy. He was a disciple of Davit Kakabadze and Sergo Kobuladze. Participated in exhibitions since 1955. His graphic works are characterized by dynamism, rhythmicity, compositional integrity. It is worth noting the series of linocuts: “Georgian Folk Dances” (1957), “Georgian Folk Songs” (1959), “Georgian Folk Play” (1960) where the characteristic mood and character of the Georgian people are conveyed through the drawing. The illustration of Nicholas Guillen’s poems (1961) belongs to him. He worked successfully in painting,
In 1984, he was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Georgia.

Revaz Tarkhan-Mouravi-Georgian dance, cardboard, gouache, 17.5X23 cm. 1957.             Revaz Tarkhan-Mouravi-series-Georgian folk games.

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