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Tskhadadze-Ratiani Tina

Tina Tskhadadze-Ratiani is a representative of the 1990s generation of Georgian artists. The period of 1990s is also   a time when her artistic activity starts.

Images of  of powerful women in the Tina Tskhadadze’s “Georgian Dark” series generally convey a rebellious feminist spirit and have been hailed by numerous art critics as impressive graphic artworks.

“These abstract stories show the characters of women. The project is one big but clever, non-scandalous protest. Here are the restrained energies that may be turned into a disaster. However, it is because of the strong inner will of women that these energies are directed towards the sun and not against it; towards human beings and not against him/her. They apply the magic  for protection, care, development, love” – this is how the artist characterizes the series  of “Georgian Dark.”

 In the 1990s she started teaching  at the Apolon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts  and now is a professor at the Department of Fine Arts. 

Tina Tskhadadze-Ratiani’s works are kept in numerous private and museum collections.

Tina Tskhadadze-Ratiani