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Gogrichiani Misha

Misha Gogrichiani graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1992. His paintings first appeared in Georgian exhibition spaces in the early 1990s, and viewers remember him for his minimalist, naive painting style. The artist moved to the United States in the late 1990s. He creates a series of nostalgic images about everything American, where the Georgia of the 1990s is “fused” with American everyday life. Misha Gogrichiani collaborates with “Dédicace Gallery” after returning to Georgia, and his works are actively exhibited. “My Father’s Hunting Dogs”, his first exhibition, was held in 2010. The following shows: “Alpinist’s Diary” in 2013, “Try Once Again” (2014), “Interest” within the Artisterium (2015), “Artist’s House” (2016), “Class/ Happy Childhood” (2017), and “If You Can’t Fly, Learn to Fall” (2018). Misha Gogrichiani took part in two group exhibitions at the “Dédicace Gallery” in 2019-2020: “Per Aspera” and “I Love Coffee, I Love Tea”. Furthermore, the artist actively participated in group and solo shows in Edinburgh, Washington, Paris, and London, among other cities.

Misha Gogrichiani