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Sulaberidze Kote

Kote Sulaberidze is a representative of the 1990s generation of artists. His works first were shown in the late 1990s. Kote Sulaberidze’s diploma work demonstrated attempts to synthesize visual and verbal information. Kote Sulaberidze’s story begins unusually: when enrolling in the academy, he was asked for a health certificate; an optometrist diagnosed the artist with color blindness during the examination. The artist has created a diptych on the theme of color blindness, titled “By Eyes of the Colorblind”. The Baia Gallery commissioned “By Eyes of the Colorblind” (2012) for the Sotheby’s exhibition. It is important to note that the artist created an installation of the same name for the project “Khibli” (Charm) in 1999. The work is a further development in Sulaberidze’s research of color. The two parts of the diptych are negations of each other and reflect the world through the eyes of a color blind person and one with regular vision. The work questions the normative of vision and our visual perceptions of the world. Kote Sulaberidze’s art is distinguished by its multi-layered nature. Kote Sulaberidze’s works signify certain visual histories and represent visual icons of everyday life. The best Georgian traditions of storytelling with visual images of artistic thinking are kept in his art.

The modest charm of six artists.1999. Part I. KOTE – “By Eyes of the Colorblind”.

Kote Sulaberidze
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