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Berdzenishvili Zaza

Zaza Berdzenishvili graduated from Iakob Nikoladze Art School in 1975. Berdzenishvili, as one of the representatives of the Georgian artists’ generation of the 1980s, develops his distinctive style in contemporary Georgian painting with his vivid figurative ideograms, which serve as the “text” of his paintings, and are repeated in variations with different pictorial models. The artist achieves a stunning coloristic effect. His artworks are characterized by the harmony of contrasts and color gradations. His meticulous paintings offer an original variant of the harmony of the aesthetics and the characteristic features of decorative art. His works, which deal with the inseparable unity of the world and the human being, sorrow and joy, and the inevitability of dreams, thus touch the tender depths of our existence. As a result, the naive perspective of the world in his paintings is curiously related to ancient archetypal cosmogonic systems. Berdzenishvili’s creative work is an adult’s attempt to maintain and recapture the joy of childhood. His delicate artwork, which serves as an example of imitating this joy, is accompanied by the captivating radiance of childhood.

Zaza Berdzenishvili
Date of Birth1956Share