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Sherpilon Valentin

Georgian artist of Russian origin, Valentin Sherpilov was born in Tbilisi in 1911.

He first studied sculpture at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, and then – painting under the guidance of David Kakabadze (1932-39). After graduating from the academy, he became an assistant to the prominent painter Mose Toidze. Starting from 1939, he taught painting at the Art School named after Jakob  Nikoladze and at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.

Sherpilov  is one of the important representatives of Georgian Socialist Realism – with outstanding mastery of painting and color, he created images of the socialist paradise – heroes of war, sportsmen, youth and ballerinas. Landscapes and still lifes also represent significant motifs in his art.

While working in the studio of Mose Toidze, Sherpilov created a large canvas depicting Moise Toidze aong with his senior friend and renowned artist  Ilya Repin.

Sherpilov worked in oil and  encaustic techniques.

In 1961, he  was awarded the title of Distinguished Teacher of Georgia and the next year – the Merited Worker of Arts.

Valentin Sherpilov
Date of Birth1911Date of Death1974Share