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Shelia Leila

Leila Shelia is a contemporary artist from the 1980s. In 1978, she graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Her name is associated primarily with abstraction. Her works, on the other hand, include still lifes and nues, as well as paintings and graphic works. “Inner state… nature… I’m satisfied when the artwork is created without having to think much. I want to convey the unreal, the unseen”, says the artist, who draws the main outline in one session, with one breath. But sometimes it can take a long time to finish a single piece of work. The theme usually emerges during the process as a result of the subconscious… Abstract thinking was obvious early in Leila Shelia’s work, while figures were still present in her compositions. The artist becomes more and more generalized and abstract. Compositions are becoming increasingly minimalistic. Monochrome compositions are often dynamic, emotional, and sophisticated.

Leila Shelia
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