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Pagava Vera

Vera Pagava was born in 1907 in Tbilisi. Since 1923, the family moved to Paris. From 1926 to 1933, Vera studied at the School of Decorative Arts, and from 1932 she entered the private Ranson Academy, where she studied fresco painting with Roger Bissier. In 1943, he met Jeanne Boucher, who organized an exhibition of his and Dora Maar’s works on Montparnasse Boulevard. Since then, her works have been exhibited in Pittsburgh in 1952-55, in Brussels in 1953-58, in Vienna in 1966, as well as in Berlin, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Turin, Rome… Her paintings have been acquired by museums in Sweden and Germany, and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In the museums of Zurich, Lausanne and Dijon, Vera Faghava’s works are presented in permanent exhibitions. Vera Pagava stained glass windows are considered real masterpieces. The Belgian press wrote about her: “Vera Paghava is an artist with surprising talent. Her paintings are simple in order to captivate you with their simplicity.”Vera’s works include both abstract and figurative paintings, graphics, murals and works on glass and textiles. Despite the variety of styles and genres, all of the artist’s works are united by her featured technique and pastel colors. Abstraction occupies the main part of her work; the artist mentioned in her interviews that she was always an abstractionist, even when she painted still lives. Her interest in abstraction can be seen in her early works, where she used abstract forms together with real objects.

Vera Pagava
Date of Birth/Death1907-1988Share