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Irakli Maisuradze

Maisuradze Irakli

Irakli Maisuradze graduated from the Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Pedagogical Institute in Tbilisi in 1990. Since 1988, he has actively participated in group and solo exhibitions in Georgia, Russia and European countries. Notable is his conceptual action “Local Catharsis” (Tbilisi Gallery of Modern Art, 1993). He began painting icons in 2008. Irakli Maisuradze has been a member of the Transcaucasian Artists Guild since 1997. Since 1998-Member of the International Federation of Artists of Georgia, and since 1998 – Member of the Union of Artists of Georgia. After his death, his retrospective exhibition  was organized (Tbilisi History Museum, 2011), where his geometric abstractions were exhibited. “My painting is an emanation of sadness and pain, my painting is a mystical song about the spontaneous forces of the world, I just paint the soul, life of the soul. I want to show the neo-catharsis way, – the artist writes about his work (extract from the artist “Light Pink Manifesto”).

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