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Khundadze Jibson

Jibson Khundadze belongs to the generation of 1950-the 60s, which represents a new abstract wave in Georgian visual art. In his creativity is rejected perception of a realistic landscape, stylish signs of impressionism and academism gradually. Gamma of intensive colors, colored spot layers, irregular brushstrokes, depth, linear rhythm, light and shade modeling always stand out in the painter’s visual language. In the late years of his career, he applied to the following styles- fauvism and abstract expressionism. Simultaneously Jibson Khundadze creates figurative works about a religious theme with the same stylistic-visual manners, except for Georgian landscapes. Always filled with affection for his homeland and constantly drawing from his country’s geography, folklore, tradition and culture, Khundadze is a quintessential Georgian artist, inducing a certain nostalgia in anyone who has the fortune to experience his work. 

Jibson Khundadze
Date of Birth/Death1927-2022Share