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Japaridze Gia

Sculptor, graphic artist, Gia Japaridze is an alumnus of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. He graduated from the faculty of sculpture in 1986 and completed his postgraduate study in 1972.

Starting form 1970 he participated in lots of different exhibitions on both local and international levels, among them are the Georgian Small Sculpture Exhibition (Tbilisi, 1991), Gellery 45, Basel, 1992),  Greece in Georgian Contemporary Art (Tbilisi, 1998) and others. Throughout his life he has received a number of accolades; the Prize for the Best Work of the Year is among them. He bears the titles of The Honorable Citizen of the cities of Tbilisi and Mtkheta and is a receiver of the Order of Merit.

His works are preserved in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, US and Greece and in Georgian National Gallery.

His sculptural compositions created for the railing of Baratashvili Bridge in Tbilisi have become a city landmark.

Statue of Micheil Tumanishvili created by Gia Japaridze is set up in front of the theatre bearing the name of the outstanding Georgian director. His signature compositions are The Spring in Tbilisi, Motherhood  and  a great number of images in the realm of small sculpture mostly influenced by the archaeological artifacts found in different places of Georgia.

Gia Japaridze
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