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Tsereteli Nino

Sculptor, stage designer and graphic artist, Nino Tsereteli was  a representative of the first generation  of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, founded in 1922. Together with Tamar Abakelia, she is the first Georgian woman to choose sculpture as her profession.

Despite her short life (she died at the age of 37), she left about sixty works in the field of sculpture, graphic art and scenography. She was a student of Iakob Nikoladze and mostly worked in the genres of portraiture and small plastic. She graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Art in 1928. Her main works date back to the 1920s: “Portrait of Garibdzhaniani” (1926, marble), “Portrait of M. Mayer” (1926, marble). In the 1930s she was mainly engaged in the field of set design: together with Petre Otskheli Nino Tsereteli worked on Kote Marjanishvili’s  stage performance of  “Othello” for which she created the cubist and constructivist style sketches for costumes. In 1931 she worked with Soliko Virsaladze on costume designs for the opera William Tell.

Nino Tsereteli is considered to be the founder of the psychological portrait sculpture in Georgia. Her works made in marble and cast in bronze are preserved in the Art Museum of Georgia.  

Nino Tsereteli
Date of Birth1902Date of death1939Share