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Gotsadze Temo

Temo Gotsadze – painter, professor, People’s Artist of Georgia (1989), and  laureate of the State Prize of Georgia (1989).

While being a student of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, Temo Gotsadze studied in the studio of Apollon Kutateladze. The first work the young artist presented at the spring exhibition a year after graduation was entitled Blue Horses (1965). Due to its symbolic content and abstract representation, this composition had became the subject of controversy and confusion: one group of artists, impressed by the work, presented the Blue Horses for the Komsomol (the Communist Youth League) prize, whereas the second group dubbed it as “unacceptable, bourgeois art”. Despite severe critisizm from the side of the All-Union Department of Culture, the artist has remained true to his own vision and world. The leading motives of his oeuvra are taken from mythology, as well as represent symbolic icons, patriotic themes and abstractions. Temo Gotsadze has created a number of large-scale paintings, one of them, Spiritual Georgia, was painted in 1991. Temo Gotsadze was also prolific in the genre of monumental paintings: he created murals for the conference hall of the State Institute of Culture (1998) and the conference hall of the Institute of Administration (Tbilisi, 1980).

In 1983-1988, Temo Gotsadze was  director of the Tbilisi House of Artists; in 1989-1995 he served as  Secretary of the Georgian Union of Artists; In 1988 – 2005 he was the director-general of the National Picture Gallery at the Museum and Exhibition Association of Georgia. At different times he taught at the Tbilisi State Institute of Culture and Tbilisi State University of Culture and Arts.



Temo Gotsadze
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