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Beno Gordeziani

Gordeziani Beno

Born in the village of Sakao, Kutaisi province of the Russian Empire. After graduating from the Gori educational institution, he studied at the Tbilisi Theological Seminary, attended higher education courses in Tbilisi. In 1925, Gordeziani studied at Vkhutemas (ВХУТЕМАС) in Moscow, and in 1928 he continued his studies at the newly opened Tbilisi University. Returning to Tbilisi in 1926, he again began working in the state publishing house. In 1921-1930 he also worked in the People’s Commissariat of Workers’ and Peasants’ Inspection, in the Department of Culture and Political Education; Department of fine arts in the state publishing house. From 1932 he was a member of the Union of Soviet Artists of Georgia and a member of the Critics’ Section of the Union.
Both his original and translated works have been printed and published as separate books. (“Niko Firosmanishvili”, “Georgian writers” (book-album), etc.)
Since 1922, Gordesiani was a member of the futurist group “H2SO4” and a follower of its ideology. He was one of the active participants in the extravagant and scandalous public performances of the same group. In 1924, together with the members of the group, he launched a magazine of the same name, which differed in design, layout and content from the Futurist and Dadaist printed matter of that period in general.
In 1925 “H2SO4” published another magazine “Literature and other”, and then, already in 1926, ceased to exist. Although a new generation of leftists appeared in 1927, by 1928 leftist ideology had gradually weakened to the point where artistic revolt and revolution in art became increasingly undesirable.  

In the early 1960s, his works was destroyed by fire. Only publications, some graphics and two paintings have survived.

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