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Gigisha Pachkoria
Year of birth1962Share

Pachkoria Gigisha

Gigisha Pachkoria is one of the renowned ceramic artists of Georgia. He graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy (1986). He founded the Georgian Foundation for Ceramic Arts and Crafts “Clay Cabinet” (2007).
Gigisha Pachkoria interest in ceramics started in early childhood, within the artistic environment of his family. “My father was a painter, he used to bring clay home and I would model different objects. I remember my mother taking me to museums, where I got acquainted with ancient Georgian pottery.” At 16, Gigisha decided to pursue a career as a professional ceramic artist.
Gigisha’s works are recognisable for his signature shapes and unique textures, achieved through a synthesis of various ceramic techniques – an approach resulting from ongoing and constant experiments. “My primary subject of interest has always been teapots, as they have unlimited possibilities for improvisation. You can experiment with the shapes of handles, body, spout and lids. Moreover, I really love tea!” The artist’s works have been exhibited at galleries and symposiums worldwide: Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Tokyo, Baku, and beyond.

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