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Gelovani Guram

Guram Gelovani graduated from Tbilisi Art Academy in 1954. The generation of artist Guram Gelovani, who has been on the creative scene since the 1950s, lived and worked within the Soviet system. The artistic practice of this generation also functioned in an environment regulated by the official, yet social realist method, at the same time, it already had a significant creative potential. Since 1954, he actively participated in art exhibitions. Guram Gelovani is one of the outstanding Georgian authors of the multinational Soviet artistic establishment, whose talent was recognized by the official, and received numeorus awards, but accordingly he got strict demands. Guram Gelovani’s figurative painting was in demand even in the West separated by the Iron Curtain. Important works are: “Youth” (957, Art Museum of Georgia), “Portrait of Mother” (1953), “Family from Dusheti” (1964), “On the Guard of Peace” (1965, Georgian Picture Gallery). In 1965, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Georgia.

Guram Gelovani
Date of Birth/Death1928-1986Share